Christopher Johnstone

Christopher Johnstone

Christopher Johnstone



  • PhD, Chemical Engineering


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • BSc, Chemical Engineering; Minor, CS


    California Institute of Technology

Out of all of the systems that chemical engineers examine, I’ve found that biological systems are the most fascinating, complex, and challenging systems we could dream of working with. Specifically for me, the specific challenge raised by supercoiling in eukaryotic cells lets me happily explore both modeling and experimental implications.

I also enjoy programming. I currently administer several personal websites, in addition to the Sidney-Pacific website. I also actively maintain several Github projects:

  • rushd, for reproducible data analysis in Python.
  • touchstone-auth, for programmatically accessing MIT services.
  • cydnus, a open-source flow cytometry analysis package.

When I’m not doing research or programming, I like to dabble: 3D modeling and animation, video editing, sailing, quadcopters, and rocket building have all been recent interests of mine. The posts on this website may be eclectic as a result :)