I’m a PhD student at MIT working in the Galloway Lab. Out of all of the systems that chemical engineers examine, I’ve found that biological systems are the most fascinating, complex, and challenging systems we could possibly dream of working with.

I’ve also always enjoyed coding. My favorite language was and still is C++; I’ve written several toy projects and contributed to several open-source development efforts with C++. I also enjoy Python, and use it pretty frequently as my go-to “glue”, data-analysis, or prototyping language.

When I’m not doing research or programming, I like to dabble: 3D modeling and animation, video editing, sailing, quadcopter construction, rocket building have all been recent interests of mine.


  • Cellular circuit engineering
  • Cellular reprogramming
  • Computer science


  • PhD student in chemical engineering, 2019-ongoing

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • BSc in Chemical Engineering, minor in Computer Science, 2019

    Califonia Institute of Technology